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We aren’t just what you see on the surface. We are teams of brilliant people ensuring we can always deliver our promise of making home improvement accessible to everyone. From supply chain to customer & market intelligence, all the way through to finance & legal, we have a place for everyone.

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Whatever you do, you can do it at Kingfisher


Finance and Legal

From keeping our financial operations in order to making sure everything is done with clarity and to a high ethical standard, our Finance & Legal team keep our decisions informed.

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Digital and Technology

Across Digital & Technology, we work hard to deliver innovative and convenient digital experiences for our customers and colleagues.

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Supply Chain and Logistics

This is the team responsible for how our products are transported and delivered across all our markets, enabling all our banners to bring in the latest industry thinking and best practise.

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Responsible Business

Our Responsible Business team pioneer new approaches to help provide greener, more sustainable processes and products, whilst keeping them affordable for our customers. 

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People and Corporate Affairs

These are the mood boosters. The people who empower colleagues to grow and develop with pride, every single day.

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Transformation, Development and Property

Our Transformation, Development & Property teams are here to take Kingfisher brands and offer them to new markets, while reducing costs, to make sure business growth is constant.

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Product Sourcing, Design and Packaging

From sourcing and designing products of the best value and quality that truly benefit customers and the planet, to improving the packaging they come in, this team brings our Own Exclusive Brand products to life.

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Product Range and Master Data Management

The team who give our retail banners and our customers variety, through own brand product development and seamless data & process management.

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Quality, Brand and Creative

Across Quality, Brand & Creative, our teams oversee creation, development, compliance, and management of our own-brand products, to meet every expectation thrown at them.

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Customer and Market Intelligence

This is the team that aims to improve customer understanding, so we can create better solutions and improve every customer experience.

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Why join us

Here at Kingfisher, our employees are the reason we can build better homes every day. So, we offer opportunities to grow and learn, in an inclusive environment where they’ll always have a voice.

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When joining Kingfisher, I immediately recognised the willingness of the company to give everything a go. Leading with curiosity, I’ve had opportunities I didn’t even think possible.

Carin Alwin | Head of Talent and Leadership Development

You’re exposed to so many different people here at Kingfisher. You can experience what others are working on and learn across all aspects of the business, top to bottom.

Adam Williams | Head of External Comms