Quality, Brand & Creative

Across Quality, Brand & Creative, our teams oversee creation, compliance, development, and management of our own-brand products, to meet every expectation thrown at them.

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Having been with Kingfisher for over 12-Years, every day I face interesting & different challenges and I know the work we do in the Quality Team is invaluable.

Ronan Cai | Sr Sourcing Quality Engineer

Exclusive brand

Our Guiding Principles

Our brands and products follow the same principles... We are committed to simlifying our customers' home improvement projects and solving their problems with innovative solutions. Our focus on the user and identifying where the real challenges lie means we are able to make better and more sustainable products, whilst maintaining affordability.

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Our roles

If you like to show your creative side, here are the different teams you can be a part of in this sector:


The brand team oversee the creation, development, and management of our industry-leading portfolio of Own Exclusive Brands (OEBs) across our 3 banner formats. All while producing all the OEB content that makes these brands visible to our customers in-store and online.

Product Quality

This team’s primary objective is to ensure that Kingfisher’s OEB products are compliant to meet regulations, directives, and standards. Here, we strive to ensure our products perform well, so we follow up on customer reviews and complaints to drive continuous improvement.