Why work at Kingfisher?

Here at Kingfisher plc, we don’t stand still. We keep taking things to new levels. We build better careers so we can keep building better homes for everyone. And in our inclusive and global culture, you’ll have a diverse range of roles and opportunities at your fingertips. So, come have a further look. See where you belong.

Company culture

Company Culture

Everyone matters at Kingfisher. To elevate our business, we must elevate our employees’ voices first. Hear what they have to say:

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Kingfisher aren’t trying to complicate diversity & inclusion. We want to create more safe spaces, educate, inform, and give time to reflect.

Chami Dhillon | Group Head of Inclusion & Diversity

Kingfisher make sure they listen to their employees, reaching out on a monthly basis to give feedback, understand how colleagues are feeling, and keep people talking.

Nicola Prescott | Colleague Experience

Our Awards

Whatever you do, you can do it at Kingfisher.

Disability Confident Committed.

We’re incredibly proud to sign up to Disability Confident Committed; a UK government-based scheme that supports with recruiting, retaining, and helping the development of people living with disabilities.

Here at Kingfisher, we value having a diverse workforce that truly reflects and represents the communities we serve. Because of this, we encourage people who are neurodiverse, have a disability or long-term condition to apply for our roles, and are committed to providing relevant support, while removing barriers, to ensure candidates and colleagues have every opportunity to reach their full potential.

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Professional development

Only you know how you want to develop. We’ll give you the tools and support you need to do so.

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What we do, to help you

Whatever you want your development to look like, we have all the tools you need to build your career path with Kingfisher. From useful materials, our eLearning system, and supportive initiatives, we have plans for everyone. You just need to want it. So, let’s get started:

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Our Teams

Whatever you do, you can do it at Kingfisher.


Finance and Legal

From keeping our financial operations in order to making sure everything is done with clarity and to a high ethical standard, our Finance & Legal team keep our decisions informed.

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Digital and Technology

Across Digital & Technology, we work hard to deliver innovative and convenient digital experiences for our customers and colleagues.

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Supply Chain and Logistics

This is the team responsible for how our products are transported and delivered across all our markets, enabling all our banners to bring in the latest industry thinking and best practise.

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Responsible Business

Our Responsible Business team pioneer new approaches to help provide greener, more sustainable processes and products, whilst keeping them affordable for our customers. 

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People and Corporate Affairs

These are the mood boosters. The people who empower colleagues to grow and develop with pride, every single day.

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Transformation, Development and Property

Our Transformation, Development & Property teams are here to take Kingfisher brands and offer them to new markets, while reducing costs, to make sure business growth is constant.

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Product Sourcing, Design and Packaging

From sourcing and designing products of the best value and quality that truly benefit customers and the planet, to improving the packaging they come in, this team brings our Own Exclusive Brand products to life.

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Product Range and Master Data Management

The team who give our retail banners and our customers variety, through own brand product development and seamless data & process management.

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Quality, Brand and Creative

Across Quality, Brand & Creative, our teams oversee creation, development, compliance, and management of our own-brand products, to meet every expectation thrown at them.

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Customer and Market Intelligence

This is the team that aims to improve customer understanding, so we can create better solutions and improve every customer experience.

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