Customer & Market Intelligence

We put curiosity expertise into informing business strategy and improving customer understanding, so we can create better solutions and create a positive experience for every customer.

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It’s so exciting to be able to impact positively millions of people’s life across Europe by helping them improve their homes!

Cécile Troquart Geffrault | Consumer & Market Intelligence Director

Working in Kingfisher is not only a great opportunity for me to develop but also a pleasure to be around amazing people.

Anna Obolenska | Customer Satisfaction Coordinator

Our roles

If exploring trends and understanding market data interests you, here are the different teams you can be a part of in this sector:

Customer & Market Intelligence

This team works to create better solutions and improve every customer experience. We unlock the critical customer and market insights that help us deliver the Kingfisher strategy and maximise customer engagement. Here at Kingfisher, we never stop finding new ways to improve.

How we gather our insights:

  • Exploring market data and trends
  • Conducting in-depth research to understand how customers live at home, handle home improvement projects and shop products
  • Monitoring customer perception of their experience with our banners, online and in-store