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We build it. We run it. We optimise it. Then we dream the next thing and do it all over again.

The Product team is about building the products and platforms that Kingfisher and all of our brands rely on. We’ve already built the NextGen platform, which is helping drive our e-commerce transformation, but that’s just the beginning. We’re enabling the Digital growth that our business is targeting by creating the roadmap for innovation and rolling out new platforms that will put mobile technology at the centre of our business.

About Product

Our team focus on capability – we power the platforms that we’re using now, but we’re also designing the ones we’ll use in the future. For the team, that means it’s fast-paced, agile, vibrant, and creative. You might be surprised to see how much flair we have in our team; when you’re working on something this ambitious, confidence and expression are essential. Building products that will be used by millions of customers inevitably brings a level of pressure and expectation. And we love it.

The Product vision

We are working hard to capitalise on the e-commerce growth we see across the DIY market. The future of this industry is, primarily, going to be digital. Of course, that’s where our platform and product delivery most visibly adds value. But our vision also encompasses customer experience, which we want to be completely seamless. We’re building connected products – products that are intuitive, easy to use, and delightful. Our store footprint is an integral component of our vision, too. We’re connecting our unmatched physical presence with our cutting-edge digital platforms to facilitate innovation in the retail space that the market hasn’t seen. From click-and-collect to AR kitchen design, our team impacts innovation across both digital and physical spaces.

The role of Product at Kingfisher

Our team occupies a unique space in the business’ operation – we have an exciting opportunity to impact the technical, commercial, and strategic outlook of the business. Very often, we’ll work on projects that revolutionise how our customers interact with our brands, and we have to make it happen. It sounds simple, but our role affects every level of that process: what tools will we use? How will we design the delivery roadmap? How can we successfully collaborate with other teams? When we effectively answer those questions, we drive the future of our e-commerce proposition and ultimately, the growth of our business.

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