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It all starts with the customer.

Who are our customers? What do they want? What do they need?

These are the questions we must answer to transform into a digitally empowered business with a brand-new operating model where we design and build our products, stores, and supply chains around our customers. When we combine the potential of customer insights, e-commerce excellence, product performance and data reporting, we unlock the power of a customer-centric operating model that offers personalised services across every touchpoint.

That’s our vision. And our journey is just beginning.

Our Customer & Digital experts


Customer research, market analysis and customer satisfaction: our Customer team’s work touches every area of the business because we are continually striving to understand our diverse, global customer base.



E-commerce is the foundation of Kingfisher’s growth strategy. By creating a Centre of Excellence to develop our capabilities and power our digital growth, we have created unmatched growth opportunities.



They build it. Run it. Optimise it. Then they dream the next thing and do it all over again. Our product team creates the platforms that enable business-wide innovation and drive digital growth.



Data is part of the fabric of our organisation. Sourced from all seven brands that make up our business, data allows us to better understand customers and enables us to make better decisions to serve customers and increase performance for each brand and our business as a whole.


Connection is key

Digital transformation enables us to evolve beyond siloed thinking and traditional operating models. Serving the customer means solving problems at the touchpoints closest to the customer. Whether it’s store managers, e-commerce platforms, or marketing communications, we use cross-functional teams to facilitate human-centric design. From designers to engineers, our agile scrums comprise the talent we need to solve problems for the customer at every level of their retail experience, from pre-sale communications to product design, across every brand and every country.

Reinvention. Revolution.

Disruption can be destructive. However, through a combination of entrepreneurship and long-term performance, we have reinvested into our digital and e-commerce capabilities. This has enabled us to combine the benefits of physical and digital retail, stay ahead of market trends and grow our digital sales in the face of intense competition.

The 21st Century operating model

2,000 stores, brand recognition and customer trust equal unmatched opportunity.

With our physical footprint, we can give our customers access to 50,000 products with incredible speed through click and collect. Other businesses simply cannot compete with this offering. Access. Convenience. Innovation. It’s a simple idea, but execution requires meticulous research and a deep customer understanding.

Seven brands.
Unlimited opportunities

Ultimately, all our work improves the customer experience and drives business growth. We’re sharing best practice principles across all of our brands and using our expertise to highlight where and how we can improve. One of the unique powers of Kingfisher is our diversity – we’ve got seven different brands within one business. That means seven opportunities to identify and share success. Our role is both tactical and strategic – we help to improve the day-to-day performance of each brand while also looking to the future and preparing for the future of e-commerce trading.

True diversity

For us, equality is all-encompassing; it goes beyond any one factor like gender or race or background and is about offering equal opportunities to absolutely everyone. We’re working hard to create opportunities for every individual, regardless of their ethnicity, their physical ability and every other facet of their identity and background. It’s truly important to us that everyone feels confident enough to be themselves 100% at work because our success comes from the quality of our ideas and our work, not any aspect of our background.

Delivering on our promises

We know our goals are ambitious. We know our plan won’t be easy. We know our transformation won’t happen overnight. After all, we’re building at scale: we’re serving international audiences across seven brands and securing turnover in the billions.

That’s why finding the right talent is mission-critical for our strategy; our success relies on the intelligence and ingenuity of our people. We need drive and determination to ensure that we’re continually growing. We need the intellectual curiosity to continue to develop new skills and pioneer new approaches. And we need the collaboration and teamwork that will enable us to work across functions and build solutions that make a genuinely positive impact on the customer experience.