the family

There are over 80,000 of us around the world. And, when we work together, there’s not much we can’t do. We’re helping seven million customers a week to improve their homes. That’s a big deal, because it means, every year, we’ve made hundreds of millions of homes that bit better.

Day to day

One team, under many roofs

There are lots of different roles at Kingfisher. But, whichever path you choose to take, you’ll be part of the same purpose: to make home improvement accessible for everyone.

We know that even the smallest project is important, because even little changes can make a big difference. And it’s good to feel like we’re improving things, for so many people, every day.

Together, we’re improving people’s quality of life. And that really matters.

Our values


We love talking to people & customers. We’re team players. We’re welcoming and inclusive. We’re enthusiastic and engaging.


We love to find out more and ask questions. We  continuously develop our skills through the Home Improvement Academy and by learning from others.



We believe there’s always a way. We keep it simple for customers by using our knowledge of product, projects & services. We communicate in a way that’s easy to understand.


We care about you, me and we. We’re great listeners. We’re respectful and calm. We learn from our mistakes.


We strive for excellence and embrace change. We’re good at adjusting our approach to different situations. We always think what’s possible.

It’s fun, exciting, unique. I’ve never encountered a business like this before.



We’ve got modern offices, great kit, on-site gym – not that I use it…



I believe in making the place you live as good as possible.



With two young boys at home, working flexibly gives me more time with them.



A place you can call home

We don’t just work with people from all walks of life. We build meaningful relationships with them. We make them part of the family.
That means, whoever you are, when you’re working with us, our home is your home.

a place you can call home.jpg

Feel like you belong

Kingfisher is a place where you can keep learning, improving and growing.

We’ll encourage you to question and challenge things. We’ll make sure you work with people you respect – and who respect you. Most of all, we’ll give you the chance to make someone’s day, every day.

This is somewhere you can belong. And our door is always open.

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