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When COVID-19 swept the world, our 80,000 colleagues had to completely change the way they worked. We were able to transition to a new normal within weeks. That’s what we make possible in Tech Services. We deploy and manage every single piece of technology across Kingfisher to ensure every single colleague has the tools they need to deliver for customers. And in a growing business where technology is playing an ever-larger role in every part of what we do, there are always new challenges to solve.

About Tech Services

Our colleagues work across a range of different environments and our customers interact with us across even more. We’re responsible for all the technology within our shops, warehouses, offices and more. We also build and maintain the infrastructure that empowers our colleagues to shape a customer’s experience without them realising, from servers to networks to storage solutions. Our service management team then acts as the interface between colleagues and this technology, so they can focus on the customer while we handle the tech behind every interaction. 

The Tech Services Vision

Providing IT services for the largest home improvement banners in Europe means keeping up with a remarkable pace of digital innovation. As our business continues to evolve, we’re building a function that can seamlessly integrate the latest advances in technology and deploy them at speed. We proactively adopt best practice from the field and reimagine it for our banners. Whether it’s creating vending machines for computer accessories or adapting leading consumer strategies for internal IT processes, we continually innovate to ensure technology shapes, rather than limits, what we deliver for customers.

The role of Tech Services

Unlike other technology functions, Tech Services is the sole resource for all seven of our banners. We’re valued advisors to every team in every region. This means we have a rich variety of challenges that enable our team members to craft the career they want. You could be involved in pioneering technology projects where you focus purely on the technical aspects, or immersed in the details of different business environments working with retailers every day. Every banner approaches our mission to make home improvement accessible in different ways which means whatever area you’re interested in, it’s likely you’ll find it here.

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