Tech Delivery at Kingfisher

To make home improvement more accessible, we’re combining the latest technology with pioneering ideas that are revolutionising customers’ ability to create their dream homes. But those ideas will never impact our customers unless we can make them a reality. That’s where Tech Delivery comes in. Whether it’s multi-million pound programmes spanning Europe, or bespoke projects redefining how technology is used for a specific customer outcome, Tech Delivery ensure we’re drawing on best practice and our deep experience to deliver effectively and efficiently.

About Tech Delivery

We’re the delivery backbone across Kingfisher. We focus on bringing brand-new ideas to life across each of our seven banners.  Whether it’s launching a new customer-facing innovation in France or radically reimagining how to assess supplier value in Poland, our teams determine how we build and manage the delivery. Do we need to create new teams? What skills will those teams need? What ways of working will need to be developed? These are the questions we ask and answer to ensure the power of our innovation reaches our customers.

The Tech Delivery Vision

We’re on a continuous journey of improvement. Kingfisher is a rapidly transforming business and our team has to adapt with it to help steer that transformation effectively. Our ultimate aim is always to be able to work with our colleagues to determine the right solution to their business challenge, at the right cost at the right time. We’re constantly growing our capabilities to encompass the latest technology advances and innovative ways of working.

The role of Tech Delivery

Over the past five years, Kingfisher has successfully built strong foundations for each of our seven different banners to build on. On every project, we forensically understand what the challenge is, whether we already have an existing solution that could be adapted or if we need to deliver something new. You might be seconded into a banner to directly manage a programme or you could work at group level on common infrastructure impacting customers across Europe. The variety of work is extraordinary. We can’t guarantee what you’ll be doing, but we can guarantee you’ll never be bored.

Types of role

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