Strategy, Architecture and Performance

How do you harness technology to empower a business to transform from a traditional physical retail model to a unique hybrid digital retailer where no customer journey is the same? What do you need to build to enable that transformation at a global scale across seven banners with over 80,000 employees and 2000 stores? These are the questions we answer in Strategy, Architecture and Performance. We’re a diverse set of teams working across multiple disciplines to understand what our banners need to achieve and how we can use technology to get there more efficiently and effectively.

About Strategy, Architecture and Performance

We’re responsible for the overall architectural framework for Kingfisher, creating a forward-looking project management office and for continually evolving a robust governance structure. We sit between technology and business and ensure we’re bringing the best of each to every challenge Kingfisher and our banners face. From solutions architecture to exceptional business analysis, we work with our banners to create the roadmaps and strategies to give customers exactly what they need to build their dream homes. It’s our responsibility to define the Kingfisher of tomorrow and ensure we’re taking the right steps to get there today.

The Strategy, Architecture and Performance Vision

We’re here to empower seven different banners. To do that, we’re on a mission to understand the customer need in every area and improve the transparency and overall of performance of technology across the business. We’ve got an ambitious vision and the support to make it a reality. That means building new platforms and laying the foundations that each banner can build their bespoke solutions on. It means working on everything needed to become the retailer of the future. Whether it’s crafting a truly omni-channel journey, developing in-house cloud solutions or designing and delivering a microservice architecture, here, you’ll to get work on some of retail’s most exciting technological challenges.

The Role of Strategy, Architecture and Performance

We collaborate with our banners to solve their most complex challenges. You could be working on a group-wide solution to improve our customer-facing products on one project, and then be embedded in a specific organisation helping their teams respond to a particular market challenge the next. Seven different banners under one group means our roles are for people who are motivated by facing a completely different challenge on every project. We’re trusted as in-house experts by those banners and you’ll take your learning from each project into the next.

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