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The next generation of retail technology

What will our customers need tomorrow? How do we build it today?

These are big questions. But in Technology, we have to answer them if we want to make home improvement accessible to everyone. The way our customers shop, the way our sellers interact with us and how our colleagues work is going to be defined by the products and services we design and deliver. So if you like to be in the thick of it, there’s not many better places you could find yourself. Retail is changing faster than ever and we’re determined to lead the way and reimagine how our customers can make their dream homes a reality.

Our Technology experts

Strategy, Architecture & Performance

Our Strategy, Architecture and Performance teams are here to ensure every technological innovation we develop is laser-focused on improving customer’s experience. From analysis, to architecture development to project management, they identify what our banners need and ensure we’re using technology to its full potential to deliver the right outcome.


Information, Security & Risk

With operations and customers across the world, we can only act with speed and effectiveness when we’re confident we’re protecting our colleagues and our customers’ data. Our ISR teams design and deliver industry-leading approaches that safeguard our growth.


Tech Delivery

Our Technology Delivery teams empower all our banners across Europe to solve some of the most complex technical challenges in our industry. When we need to adapt our technology or create new solutions, this team make sure customers are benefitting from state-of-the-art, seamless implementation.



The scale of transformation we’re pursuing is ambitious. Our Engineering teams are the reason we’re confident it’s achievable. From customer apps to payment processes to entirely new cloud infrastructure, these teams turn ideas into a new reality for our customers.


Tech Services

From managing on-site technology, to building and maintaining infrastructure and delivering outstanding service management, our Tech Services manage every single piece of technology we need to deliver for customers.


Technology-powered transformation

Until recently, the vast majority of home improvement shoppers visited a store and bought everything they needed on-site. Now? Each and every customer interacts with us across a unique mix of physical and digital touchpoints and they expect to see the speed, choice and seamless experience they’re accustomed to in other sectors. Click and collect purchasing is rapidly becoming a greater proportion of our sales, we’re embedding technology across our supplier and customer journeys and we’re building bespoke approaches to industry challenges such as payment systems and fulfilment. We’re creating a unique physical and digital hybrid retail model with very few precedents and it’s all powered by the work we do in technology.

Seven banners.
An unrivalled sandbox

Our role at Kingfisher is to support and shape the strategy and delivery for our seven unique banners across Europe. They include B&Q, Screwfix, Castorama and Brico Depôt. With over 2000 stores and 80,000 employees in 10 regions and suppliers across the world, we’re building centres of excellence to harness technology to build solutions to their unique business challenges. That means there is an unparalleled scope, scale and diversity of work. Throughout your career with us, you could be working in a role powering banners’ growth by applying your learning to a specific project, seconded to a banner to deliver a game-changing innovation or tackling group-wide projects that help shape some of our shared infrastructure.

Play your part in building the future

Transforming an industry isn’t an overnight job. We’ve got a head-start and are making the strategic decisions and continuous investment needed to create an entirely new landscape for our banners. But achieving goals as ambitious as ours means going on a multi-year journey. We’re looking for people excited by the opportunity to play a real role in shaping what that looks like. It’s about imagining a better future for our customers and then building the solutions that unlock it. There are opportunities for people of all levels of seniority to come and make a meaningful difference for customers and colleagues as we grow.

True diversity

For us, equality is all-encompassing; it goes beyond any one factor like gender or race or background and is about offering equal opportunities to absolutely everyone. We’re working hard to create opportunities for every individual, regardless of their ethnicity, their physical ability and every other facet of their identity and background. It’s truly important to us that everyone feels confident enough to be themselves 100% at work because our success comes from the quality of our ideas and our work, not any aspect of our background.

Culture as our catalyst

We move fast. That’s a necessity in one of the fastest-changing and most competitive industries in the world. We’re building a culture where technologists are resourced and supported to create the services and products that unlock new possibilities. We’re ambitious, but we’re united in the belief that we’ll only achieve these goals by supporting each other. We have a clear direction and a shared passion for delivering outstanding outcomes. You will always be empowered to have incredible ideas and backed by colleagues to execute them.