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E-Commerce is the foundation of Kingfisher’s growth strategy. We’re creating a Centre of Excellence to develop the e-commerce capabilities across every brand and power our digital growth. Collaboration underpins all of our projects; we co-create ambitions and targets with all of our stakeholders, share e-commerce best practices and then help to accelerate their transformation faster. The opportunities for growth in e-commerce are unmatched – we’re here to deliver the results.

About E-Commerce

Real change takes commitment. Commitment to investing time and resources into a vision, and commitment from senior leaders to make it a priority. From data analytics and technology platforms to new hires and company-wide strategic buy-in, we have the tools and support we need to drive real change. That commitment ensures our strategy is grounded in operational excellence – we’re embracing the disruptive opportunities that e-commerce presents, and we’re starting this journey with everything we need to make it a reality.

The E-Commerce vision

Our vision is to consistently deliver change. We want to empower every part of our business to deliver industry-leading e-commerce offerings. When it comes to the worlds of Customer and Digital, nothing stands still – that’s why transformation is a continual process rather than a single project. Everything we do is about change. Our vision is to develop the expertise and capabilities that allow us to reliably evolve e-commerce functionality to match rapidly evolving technology and customer demand.

The role of E-Commerce at Kingfisher

With e-commerce at the heart of Kingfisher’s strategy, our role is to enable each brand to deliver on its strategic priorities. Flexibility is key to this model because there’s a degree of variability in the e-commerce capabilities in each brand and each location. For us, that means listening to our partners in each brand and helping them to prioritise what needs to be done to help them achieve their objectives. That means our work spans the urgent, day-to-day projects that require immediate attention, to the long-term, strategic work that sets our business up for future success.

The best of both worlds

We don’t see digital and physical as separate worlds. We know our customers rely on and enjoy a physical shopping experience, and we know that our substantial, well-located store footprint is a true differentiating factor for our brands. With this unmatched local presence, we’re able to get products to our customers’ doors faster than our competitors. And we’re leveraging e-commerce and digital capabilities to enable this new model. Our store footprint gives us a clear edge against some of our pure-play digital competitors because we have opportunities to innovate that they simply cannot capitalise on.

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