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Data is part of the fabric of our organisation. Data allows us to better understand customers and enables us to make decisions that will improve their experience and deliver sustainable growth. And the impact of data extends beyond any one function – whether it’s sales data, customer trends, or product information, our team ensures that the data running through our business is actionable. Our work enables us to adapt to the changing landscape and support key tactical and strategic decisions across Kingfisher.

About Data

Data powers decisions. When you analyse information and uncover insights, you create evidence that can empower people to make better choices. But that doesn’t happen by itself. It takes curiosity. The innate curiosity that emboldens people to ask the right questions and understand what’s at the core of a problem. Furthermore, it takes relationship-building skills. Successful transformation requires a collective vision and commitment, which is why our team emphasises communication and partnerships based on trust.

The Data vision

Our vision is to achieve truly cross-functional collaboration. Our data analytics have the power to develop genuinely personalised products and experiences for customers, and achieving that reality relies on co-creation with our colleagues working on products and platforms. We believe that data is crucial in optimising the digital experience: from product development to end-user experience, our insights will help shape our fundamental business operation and customer interaction.

The role of Data at Kingfisher

Data joins up every journey. Store purchases, e-commerce growth, operational efficiency – we provide the information that gives our colleagues the context and insights to optimise their work and change the nature of how they think and work. The insights we provide are not limited to any one brand or objective, they apply to every sale we make and every customer we serve.

Never know enough

We can accomplish incredible things with data. But to see what’s possible, we have to experiment. Currently, we’re working with customer data to identify customers who are embarking on a home improvement project and help them by making product recommendations on what they might need next. Insights like this help us to improve customer experiences and drive growth. It all comes down to curiosity and autonomy – the desire to understand the world and the freedom to explore the possibilities.

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