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Our mission is to improve our customer understanding so that we can create better solutions and improve every customer experience. We’re working hard to unlock the critical customer and market insights that will help us to deliver the Kingfisher strategy and maximise customer engagement and satisfaction. Gathering data from customer research, analysing market trends and reporting our findings and insights, our work inspires and informs every area of the business because we are continually deepening the understanding of our diverse, global customers and helping to deliver sustainable growth and performance across all our brands.

About Customer

This is a time of transformation at Kingfisher. And for any transformation, you need to answer important questions – what needs to change? Where can we improve? What are we aiming to achieve with this transformation?

We will answer these questions with research.

Pouring over databases. Measuring the average length of a bathtub. Talking to customers. You’ll find us wherever there are questions that need to be answered. That means our work requires a mixture of different knowledge, from the most scientific, data-driven analysis to the more experiential, qualitative and personal methods.

The Customer vision

We want to become a Centre of Excellence for customer and market intelligence, and we’ve already started our journey. We’re working hard to build a team that will transform our business’ DNA by creating a more customer-centric experience. Achieving this vision will take a commitment to best practices: conducting the optimal competitor analysis and quickly identifying consumer trends. The result of this vision will be more influence and more impact. We believe that Customer insights will generate sustainable growth, and finding the right talent is an essential part of that process.

The role of Customer at Kingfisher

Whether we’re running international quantitative surveys or conducting in-depth market analysis on our e-commerce competitors, all of our work contributes towards a broader view of the market and a more nuanced understanding of the diverse customers that our brands serve. However, our close relationship with senior leaders means we have genuine influence at every level of the business. For example, our customer intelligence dashboards continue to revolutionise customer insights across brands, but we also advise senior leaders on matters such as behavioural change throughout market-disrupting events.

True customer centricity

We don’t meet expectations: we surpass them. When we design new bathroom furniture, we don’t leave anything to chance, and we don’t operate on hunches. Recently, we surveyed houses across different countries to understand the shape, layout, and capabilities of real bathrooms. Because we don’t just develop products that look nice or sound good – we test, measure, confirm and then build the products our customers need. And from idea to checkout, it starts with gathering and using the right customer data. That means sometimes we’re asking customers questions, and sometimes we’re researching how they use bathroom furniture.

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