Nov 10 2020

Virtual Interviewing

You may have noticed that one of the biggest changes to the job application process is the increasing likelihood of virtual interviews. Whether it's Google Hangout, Zoom or Microsoft Teams, the idea of a Virtual interview may fill you with dread! So how do you build a relationship with someone through a screen?

Whilst we don't have all of the answers, here are some of our tips that we want to share with you to ensure you're as prepared as possible and ready for your virtual interview.

  • Check your connection. As with any interview, preparation is key! Click on the link the day before your interview and log into the meeting 10 minutes early to ensure your audio, sound and video are all working correctly to help you relax. Your invite should also include some instructions to help you if needed.
  • Dress to impress. Your outfit should match what you would wear for a face-to-face interview. This will help you to feel ready, confident and show your enthusiasm for the role. If you are unsure of what to wear, don't be afraid to ask your recruiter.
  • Remove distractions. Working from home can involve lots of unwanted distractions that are not ideal for an interview. Close the door and limit any noise where possible and pre-warn your housemates or family that you're going to be in an interview.
  • Build rapport. We know this takes more work to do via video than face-to-face, where you would usually shake hands, use body language to showcase enthusiasm and make small talk. Ask your interviewer how they have been finding interviewing virtually or find a neutral topic to chat about.
  • Be yourself. There is one thing that you and the interviewer are both looking for… a mutual fit. You are both only going to end up disappointed if you get a job based on a persona which is not your natural style or personality.
  • Ask questions. Have some questions at the ready to ensure you really have all the information you need to make an informed decision, should you be asked for another interview or even an offer. Don't be afraid to ask what the timelines of the recruitment process will be, including when you might hear back!

Remember, interviews are simply a conversation where you have the opportunity to display your personality, experience and skills. Calm your nerves with some deep breaths and good luck!

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